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Faster than banks, cheaper than caveat loans…

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Common sense lending without the red tape. Business funding, caveat loans, second mortgages, including high end plant & equipment hire & finance approved in 60mins.



Why are caveat loans & second mortgages a popular bank alternative?
There are many reasons why borrowers are choosing caveat loans & 2nd mortgages over traditional bank lending. Additionaly specialist private mortgages & financial services have become a very popular alternative for many Australian businesses because of how fast flexible finance can be approved. There is no stressful credit process that can often be associated with major banks. Finance can be approved over the phone in just 5 minutes and settled within 24 hours or as soon as the loan documents can be signed and returned.



As a specialised commercial finance & equipment hire consortium of more than 20 years’ experience within property construction, project management consulting, high end plant & equipment logistics within the finance industry. Our team is better equipped to achieve the most structured financial outcome at the lowest interest rates. In addition to financial resources, we also have a specialist department which offers short or long term equipment rent to own or leasing alternatives for most company sizes.
We offer short or longer-term loan periods from as little as 3, 6, or 12 months, or longer as required by the consumer. Finance or Rental products have the option to capitalise the interest into the life of the loan subject to acceptance.



Redilend Australia offers Plant & equipment hire right across Australia and offers a wide range of earthmoving machinery & heavy industry vehicle finance & rental services through our nationwide network. Our in-house transport options makes it easy to hire equipment and do business with us.
Redilend Palnt – Equipment – Sales – Hire – Lend – Consulting.
Whether you’re building a house or commercial tower, or just digging a hole, Redilend Australia has a wide range of earthmoving equipment for any sized or job that can be made available for sale or hire or rental. Redilend also offers plant & equipment consult & supply, as well as funding or hire. When it comes to earthmoving equipment, heavy vehicles, or plant & machinery, Redilend rental & financial services have you covered.
We have access to the following types of earthmoving equipment for sale and can all be financed in-house. Alternatively, we also offer the option for short term machinery hire should it only be required for a limited project period. Some of the equipment we can offer, but not limited to are:
1) Articulated Dump trucks
2) Bulldozers
3) Earthmoving Attachments
4) Excavator
5) GPS Systems
6) Motor Graders
7) Telescopic Handlers
8) Telehandlers
9) Water Trucks & Tippers
10) Wheel Loaders



How do private caveat loans and second mortgages work?
A ‘caveat’ is an instrument that is lodged over a real-estate security title. Upon the loan settling and funds being disbursed into our customer account, we then place a caveat or a 2nd mortgage over the security title to protect the loan. It works a bit like a car loan when the financier registers an encumbrance during the life of a car loan using the PPSR register. Except with a property loan or mortgage, a caveat is registered with the equivalent (land & titles office in your respective state. Depending on the urgency of the client’s funding requirements, often the use of a caveat can be used instead of a 2nd mortgages simply because a caveat can be lodged allot faster online, vs the longer process of a mortgage registration and is ideal for people who have urgent financial deadlines. Further, the option to choose a 2nd mortgage is also extremely popular as it offers a lower interest rate and is additionally suitable borrowers that may not wish to disturb or payout their existing home loan. Funds can be advanced without the client needing to refinance or discharge any existing mortgages which are also useful privacy purposes. There are various reasons why private non-bank finance has become the go-to option over mainstream lenders, and the most obvious is that approvals are guaranteed and the speed to access the funds is unrivaled. direction of a specialist private mortgage, it really just depends on the individual purpose. Caveat loans provide a means of legitimate & viable capital, equity & immediate property lending solutions that a standard bank or mortgage lender simply cannot.


Get a better loans, better equipment, better features, at a lower interest rate. Funding & equipment can be provided for just about any worthwhile project or purpose.


If you trying to buy a rural property, hobby farm or large parcel of rural land & acreage, Redilend are the experts in Rural mortgage lending. Our commercial finance specialists will assist you be it with rural or commercial property funding, or the need of business capital or lines of credit, and the assistance with plant & machinery hire sales and finance. We will always find a way.


Redilend caters for all types of situations that you feel may need specialised Mortgage and Home Loan solutions, regardless of a client financial status. Its important that your total financial position is taken into consideration. If you are self employed or have a bad credit history, we can help. The types of Mortgage Redilend provide include:


Redilend specialise in finding mortgage solutions for all types of financial scenarios. When your financial position does not conform with a major banks home loan criteria, Redilend can still find a sensible solution.

We find financial solutions for people who may be:

  • self-employed
  • have no financials
  • have no tax returns
  • credit impaired or have a low credit score
  • wanting to purchase or refinance a property
  • previously rejected by the banks

There are non-conforming home loan solutions available and Redilend can help.

Redilend Australia is one of Australia’s most flexible financial services in Australia. We are specialist mortgage managers, finance brokers, plant and equipment financier, rental, hire, project management services at the most affordable prices. With access to hundreds of different lenders and banks Redilend Australia provides a variety of financial services, Home Loans, Low Doc loans that dont require tax returns and all the usual tricky documents.

Faster than banks, cheaper than caveat loans….



If the answer is Yes to any of the questions below we can help you.

Do You Need?

    • A Home Loan But Without All The Stress That Other Lenders Give?
    • Rural Mortgages Advise?
    • A Short Term Bridging Or Caveat Loan?
    • A 2nd Mortgage Or Cash Top Up On Your Current Mortgage?
    • To Pay Outstanding Business Or Personal Debts?
    • To Refinance Them Into One Affordable Monthly Repayment?
    • Finance, But You Are Self Employed? Have No Tax Records? or Have Credit Rating Issues?
    • Advise On Your Repayments & Credit Cards?
    • To Meet Business Settlement Deadlines?
    • Finance To Renovate Or Purchase A Property?
  • To Borrow Money Using Properties In Rural or Residential, Commercial, Industrial or In Regional Locations As Security?
  • To Use The Equity Within Your Real Estate As A Line Of Credit?
  • A Lender That Wont Ask You A Thousand Questions As To Why You Need The Finance?

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Redilend Australia provides specialist property mortgage lending & financial services both for the professional property portfolio investor, and the traditional homeowner seeking easy & hassle-free finance. Our sophisticated software makes the approval process fast, simple, and stress-free. Through a panel of over 50 lenders, Redilend is able to achieve the most competitive interest rates by using our software tendering process which puts the borrower’s requirements through a hunting process with over 50 lenders competing for your business, providing the best loan facility outcome.


Redilend Australia is also a specialist provider of short-term unsecured business loans, overdrafts, lines of credit, supply chain finance, debtor invoice factoring, for the small to medium business that needs urgent business capital & fuss-free finance. With loan amounts starting from $100k all the way up to $5million, specialist business loans are very simple to be approved. Regardless of the industry type, finance solutions are available for just about any worthwhile purpose Australia wide.

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