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Redilend Australia is a specialist provider of short to mid-term (2nd) second mortgages & caveat loans. These types of loans are designed to sit behind you’re existing home loan or current mortgage provider. This saves a lot of time when you’re up against the clock and need immediate business or personal.
Caveat loans & second mortgages are extremely beneficial for borrowers who need to access funds as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the use of caveat loans instead of a traditional 1st mortgage refinance is that these loans do not require borrowers to pay out their existing 1st mortgage on their existing home loan. And not having to pay out the current mortgage provides so many fiscal advantages which the big banks do not provide.
There are many reasons why people opt to leave their existing 1st mortgage to remain, instead seeking a caveat loan or 2nd mortgage, with benefits that do not require the applicant to provide any financial documents, tax returns, pay slips, bank statements, or any of that tricky stuff that many of us just haven’t had the time to prepare.
We offer finance on a Low Documentation basis through the use of caveat loans & 2nd mortgage lending products. Using these types of specialist products means we do not need to disturb the current mortgagee at all, making caveat loans & second mortgages a legitimate & viable alternative.

Non-bank specialist caveat loans & 2nd mortgage uses:
• Business Capital
• To Purchase Equipment
• Property Improvements
• Building Renovations, Construction & development
• Start Up or Expand a Business
• Personal or Business Debt Consolidation
• Lines of Credit
• Bridging Loans
• Caveat loans & 2nd mortgages offer super-fast funding solutions
• When the banks say no, we say yes.
• Finance can be approved and transferred into the borrowers account within 24 hours
• Funding can offer a solution for just about any worthwhile purpose

There are many reasons why applicants may require caveat loans & 2nd mortgages. Sometimes we may not be in a position to justify ourselves to the banks, of which this product proves a constructive finance option.

If the loan purpose you require isn’t listed, give us a call. If it isn’t listed it’s most likely that we can still help. Call today, we’ll always find a way.

Having a second mortgage means you will have 2 separate loan balances with 2 separate lenders to service each month. However, depending on why & what you need the money for will determine if caveat lending is a viable option for you.
Funding can be used for just about any worthwhile purpose including, but not only limited to, business loans, the purchase of investment properties, to renovate properties, to consolidate debts, and so much more.
Second mortgages are additionally popular because getting the finance approved for a 2nd mortgage is far easier than having to jump through so many hoops with a regular bank.
Note that with all short term loan products, it is always suggested that in the instance you intend on remaining in this type of loan product long term, that the applicant return to us once there is a steady repayment conduct of at least 6 months. We will then refinance both loans over to a lower interest rate & repayment. However, it won’t be possible to refinance until there is a pattern of at least 6 months conduct. We provide this as a courtesy service to all our clients if requested.
In the interim, we can provide a bridging facility, caveat loan, or 2nd mortgage to cover your interim objectives.
Private lending is very simple to obtain approval. That in mind, as a duty of care we always suggest that anyone considering any form of financial services seek independent financial & legal advice before deciding what’s right for you.
For all other questions on how specialist funding could help you, please call us on 1300 85 45 75 alternatively send us an email online.

We won’t ask you a million questions as to why you need the loan and are a lot more flexible to deal with. Our staff are real people, with real families and understand the situations people can find themselves in.

Our approval process is pretty simple. As long as you have real estate to use as security, and need the finance for any worthwhile purpose, then the loan is yours.

General Terms & Conditions Apply.

To find out more, call us today, or complete our quick online form so we can call or email you back. We are always happy to help.

Other products we provide:

Full Doc, No Doc, Low Doc, Home Loans, Private Mortgages, Business Loans, Private Mortgages, Commercial Loans, Bridging Loans, Second Mortgages, Caveat Loans, Line Of Credits, Mezzanine Lending, Short Term Finance, Joint Venture Development Funding, Construction Loans, Capital and Equity Loans, Vacant Land Funding, Rural and Farm Financing, Mortgage Refinancing, Specialised Property Loans. We are not limited to the kinds of property finance we offer. Should you need different types of financial services, give us a call or email. So long as real estate security can be offered, we will find a solution to fit.  


Do you need a loan quickly?

Are you asset rich but cash poor?

Do you have equity in property and still the bank won’t give you a line of credit?

Whatever the loan is for – We can help!

Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

To Find Out More Visit: www.1300LoanHelp.com.au or Call Our Short Term Private Lending Department On: 1300 562 643


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