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  • We are a specialist Mortgage Lender who loves dealing with special people like YOU!
  • We often help clients whether or we are remunerated or not
  • We believe one on one customer service is important so the person you speak with today will be the person you speak with tomorrow
  • We have a non-discriminative approach to all our clients irrespective of colour, creed, loan size, mortgage scenario or situation
  • We have experienced staff who want to help you
  • We are an accredited with all related Industry Organisations

About Redilend

At Redilend, we are confident in assisting our clients in getting the best home loan. Whether they are first home buyers, looking to invest or wanting a more affordable home loan, our products have helped many into financial comfort. We are a specialist lender that is committed to finding the best solutions for our customers. We will spend time with our clients to explain all the technical jargon making you as clear and comfortable about the process as is possible.

We are a specialist lending company that deals with specialised lenders. We have corporate connections that can make things happen where others can’t. Redilend can arrange the most competitive mortgages & finance solutions and priding themselves on being able to provide terms that are second to none. Redilend is on your side! We show our clients how to get the most out of their mortgage and solve mortgages problems whereas our competitor simply don’t know how or won’t even bother.

Redilend has put together a range of home loans to suit which can be customised to your specific requirements. So whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned property investor’s, self employed, credit ‘impaired’, building their dream home or simply looking for a better deal, there’s a Redilend mortgage or financial product for you in most cases.

We are all highly qualified and meet all regulatory standards. We are members of the Mortgage & Finance Industry of Australia, The Finance Brokers Association of Australia & the Credit Ombudsman. Our membership gives you the added comfort and protection and ensures that Redilend remains a trusted name in the industry.

We are located in most parts of Australia and generally can finance our clients irrespective how remote area it be. We also specialise and assist our clients in Commercial, Residential, Industrial and rural property finance. Put simply – if we cannot finance our clients loan needs we would be confident that no one else can.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to be the mortgage lender of choice by our customers with good old fashioned one on one service. The person you speak with today will be the person you speak to tomorrow. 

  • Second to none cutting-edge home loan and integrated mortgage solutions
  • Non-discriminative approach to people with bad credit history & other adverse situations.
  • To help people Consolidate debts by showing simple money saving techniques others don’t know
  • To show our clients how to expand investment portfolio’s, expansion of business and or property investments
  • To be a part of our client’s success + qualify and give everybody a fair go.

More Information

We can help – Be it Bad Credit Loan, Mortgage, Commercial Loans or First Home Buyer Loans. We won’t ask you a thousand questions as to why you need finance. So long as there is Real Estate offered as security the loan is yours. We can tailor a finance package & put a solution to you individual needs, and if we can’t get you finance – no one can!

Bad Credit Loans, Mortgages, Finance, and Debt Solutions

Over the last 24 months the global financial crisis has made borrowing money from the banks virtually impossible, irrespective if you have real-estate to offer as security or not. Adding to this, these uncertain and recessionary times have put further risk on Australians financial future. Most people feel that if they own their own home outright that they are safe, when if fact that could be quite untrue. Ultimately, no one even knows what their homes are truly worth as its pointless having bricks and mortar sitting there doing nothing to aid your financial recovery when you could have borrowed against this security to help you through these trying times. We don’t know what lies ahead or for how long, unless you have a crystal ball, you would be taking an uneducated guess as to what lies ahead. What we do know is that Cash is King and one way to give your future some accuracy is to setup an equity access facility against the value of property in today’s market. Doing this enables a line of credit that you can tap into for when it’s needed. You can use the money for just about anything. So long as you have good equity within real-estate, we’ll find a way. The Mortgage Consortium ® has also put together a range of home loans to suit every need from Bad Credit Loans and Mortgages to low-doc loans. So whether you are first home buyer, a seasoned property investor, self-employed, have a bad credit rating, building your dream house or simply looking for a better deal, we have a perfect product for you.  We are Australia’s leading Lo – doc Mortgage Lender, and with hundreds of different mortgage and finance packages, all it takes is one phone call no matter what part of Australia your in, one of our consultants are always happy to help. Your approval is only a phone call away. So why not give us a call.

Read more about our bad credit loans, mortgages, debt and finance solutions – click here.

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Behind on your Mortgage or have overdue Credit Cards?

  • Mortgage & Debt Consolidation
  • Short Term Business, Bridging & Caveat Loans
  • Easy qualify Home Loans & Renovation Loans
  • Equity Access & Lines of Credits
  • Equity Access & Lines of Credits
  • No Tax Returns or Proof of Income Needed
  • Real-estate Security Essential with All Loans
  • Development & Project Funding Available for Large constructions with merit

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Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

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