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Bad Credit Loans & Mortgages


Our Bad Credit Home Loans & Mortgage Solutions

We offer Bad Credit Loans & Mortgages to people who have no financials be it due to being self employed or a business is new and hasn’t had a chance to bring their tax returns up to date. Applicants credit ratings are irrelevant.

If your asset rich but cash poor, obtaining cash funding via a 2nd mortgage is a faster option than a bank, yet cheaper than a caveat loans.

With over 20 years experience we will show you what the bank’s don’t want you to know.

Our equity access cash release products can provided between $25k up to $10 million through an unrestricted loan facility.

With recent pressures placed on the banks during the royal commissions inquest into the banking & finance industry, trying to access funding has certainly been a turbulent process. Major banks have tightened up their belts and are no longer lending as easily as they once were.

The good news is that we haven’t been impacted by these issues and currently have a surplus amount of capital available for immediate funding.

Don’t let the banks have the last laugh.

Open 7 Days a week Australia Wide from 8am till 9pm daily by calling Australia’s premier Non-Bank funding consortium on 1300 854 575 or email your questions directly to our private lending department at: http://www.caveatloans.finance
For after hours enquiries call or SMS text messaging our finance manager direct on 0406 026 206.

– Private Mortgages up to 80% LVR
– No Fifty Questions
– Loans terms from 3 months to 3 years.
– No Sneaky Lock-In Catches
– No Credit Checks
– No Tax Returns
– Approved in 60minuites
– Cheapest rates guaranteed

We also provide mortgage and home loan refinancing options for borrowers who have fallen behind on their home loan causing their mortgage to fall into arrears be it due to health & illness, divorce & family problems, or a flat period of seasonal trade with business trade has resulted in reduced amount of cash flow.

Statistically there are many people out there who are asset rich but cash poor that occasionally end up finding themselves cash strapped at times where cashflow is critical. Some examples may be that their business owns millions of dollars worth of trading stock and supplies, but operate a seasonal business e.g. You may be sitting on a million dollars worth of stock & goods to sell, but your peak periods of sales may be the last 3 months of the year where you sell all stock and make a handsome profit, meaning you are cashflow negative for the remainder 9 months of the year.

Some examples may be you own a house worth 1 million dollars if you sold it, but your business account is minimal, meaning your ability to trade during the bulk of the year is impacted due to lower than usual retained earnings.
It may sound rare, but is a common occurrence with many SME small to medium business enterprises.

As an asset lending service provider, the main criteria we require inorder to be able to help is for the applicant to be able to offer real-estate security that has exisiting equity in it.
To give people a general understanding on how asset lending works would be to compare property asset lending to having a valuable piece of jewelry such as a gold diamond ring, example valued at $100k – a person can chose to take this ring to someone like Cash Converters and ask to borrow i.e. 50% of its value against the ring later coming back to retrieve the ring by paying back the small loan. While similar, it’s a slightly different process with property because real-estate is worth allot more. But in effect you so long as an applicant is able to offer Australian real-estate as security, we are then able to offer finance starting from $25k up to $10-million using the property as security. We don’t ask a million questions as to why you need the loan. We provide fast finance within 24-hours for just about any worthwhile reason.

In the odd occasion you don’t have enough equity, the alternative is to ask a family member or relative if they could assist by going as guarantor for a short period of time on behalf of the loan. In 9 out of 10 times there are always legitimate & viable solutions available through the right channels.

At ®Redilend Australia understands. Whether you’ve made an unintentional bad judgement in the past, or simply going through a rough patch, private investor capital has many advantages over bank loans because of how flexible they are to get approved and how fast they settle. Instead of taking 4 to 6 weeks to settle like a bank, our products can be accessed within 24-hours.

Specialist private mortgage lending has many advantages, especially given the recent tightening of conditions of mainstream banks and lenders partly as a result of the royal commissions inquest into the banking and finance industry.

Why all the hype around the private mortgage lending, why are many Australians opting for specialist loans you may ask?

The private mortgage market has existed for many years and originally evolved for many reasons, one being that obtaining funding from banks has become almost impossible. Specialist private lending services like ‘Redilend’ does not have all the red tape & silly additional questions which can make the application process a nightmare with the bank’s.

For this reason private mortgages have become more popular then ever before primarily because capital & equity can be accessed in cash form without restrictions within the day if needed.

Private mortgage products are fast flexible and super easy to be approved. The main objective is that credit can be provided on an ethical basis and 100% compliance.

Indicative approval can be obtained over the phone within 5 minutes and is assessed on the merits of the individuals ability to exit the loan, and the valuation of the real-estate security being offered.

If urgent, customers can choose to select our premium borrower applicant option, which provides priority preference in the cue at an additional loading that allows the approval to be generated within 4 hours. Many others claim they can do the same, but this is an unofficial commitment, we often hear from disappointed clients that received anything but priority.
Because this service carries a loading fee, applicants can be assured that if they chose this option that thet will be prioritised.

This allows applications to be assessed and settled much quicker than usual, allowing the funds to be accessed in lightening speeds.

To find out more call our office today on 1300 854 575 or message us online.
We will find a way.

Redilend Australia can help. Whether you require good or Bad Credit Loans, private first 1st or second 2nd mortgages, caveat loans and bridging finance, or emergency business loans, we can help..
Our specialist Loans & Mortgages are designed for those individuals who may be unable to currently obtain lending from a major bank.
Contact us today and speak with one of our specialist loan consultants.

Private & confidential discussions assured.


Do you need a loan quickly?

Are you asset rich but cash poor?

Do you have equity in property and still the bank won’t give you a line of credit?

Whatever the loan is for – We can help!

Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

To Find Out More Visit: www.1300LoanHelp.com.au or Call Our Short Term Private Lending Department On: 1300 562 643 Or Call Our National Business Manager Direct on: 0406 026 206