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Celebrity and Athlete Mortgages


Sport athletes, celebrities, business people around Australia. If you have a reason you don’t conform, or cannot fulfil major banks requirements when applying for a mortgage, home loan, business loan, or line of credit against real estate you already own, or maybe want to buy, this may be handy to know. Redilend specialise in providing financial services to all Celebrities and Athletes that need a mortgage to purchase a property, or business commercial loan to grow a vast magnitude of transactions you may be involved in.

Residential & domestic property mortgages, high end business and commercial dwelling mortgage funds are available without the fuss many lenders may pressure you with. It would be way to difficult to describe the many different scenarios we can assist with, instead give you a quick overview of what we can assist consumers within the Australian property & real-estate market. Each specific person from one individual to another has to be catered for in different ways. Importantly, we ensure to offer the most competitive home loan interest rates and private mortgage facilities on the market. In 99% of cases we are able to tell you to rate or terms over the phone within 5 mins. If you do have something you need to discuss, please feel free to call any time.

Many consumers are not aware that there is an ability to customise a property home loan or business mortgage facility. Yes this can be considered outside normal lending parameters and in many instances we are able to make special  over-ride decisions with our head of credit for strong individuals only offered by Redilend. Our association with major banks has made it easier for everyday consumers to achieve their finance objectives with minimal hassles. With affiliations to more than 100 different lenders, we make it possible for the every day Australian to have access to legitimate and viable financial alternatives that would have otherwise been unreachable to consumers at branch level.

We have a point of difference. We invest our expertise and ability into your financial future makes total sense to us. We are here to help you, and only act in your best financial interests, No one else, otherwise we cannot achieve our goals either, simple.

We are here to T.E.A.M. with you, “Together Everyone Achieves More”. No mater how difficult the other banks or lenders make it seem, nothing is too difficult for us. We thrive on challenges and settle millions of dollars every day for people just like you.

If you want to buy a residential or commercial property, refinance an existing or multiple other properties, or maybe need access to funds for any worthwhile purpose, give us a call for a quick chat to discuss what’s possible.

Alternatively, send us an email. Sometimes a quick 5 minute chat with one of our specialist consultants can make all the difference.

It doesn’t matter if you need a small amount from one hundred thousand, or a larger exclusive amounts of 100 million…

We service every state and territory Australia wide. To find out more about any property or business lending product, call Redilend now on 1300 85 45 75.

Friendly & Private Discussions Assured.

Terms, fees and conditions do apply. All products and financial credit services have different costs depending on your individual needs. Certain products are only available for business and commercial lending ONLY. Please contact us for accurate specifics.



Do you need a loan quickly?

Are you asset rich but cash poor?

Do you have equity in property and still the bank won’t give you a line of credit?

Whatever the loan is for – We can help!

Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

To Find Out More Visit: www.1300LoanHelp.com.au or Call Our Short Term Private Lending Department On: 1300 562 643 Or Call Our National Business Manager Direct on: 0406 026 206