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If finding a Lender that is on your side has been a problem in the past, why not discover what mortgage options Redilend® can offer. Be it a bad credit loan or mortgage refinancing, we are the most up to date mortgage provider in Australia offering hundreds of different products. We keep things simple so to not confuse our clients, by doing all the work for them and most importantly at the most competitive rates. At Redilend® you get the loan you want, when you want it, in your given circumstances. Everything we offer our clients is tailored without any cut corners. Part of our service policy is to leave no stone unturned so we achieve the best possible outcome for you. All our credit processing is done in house, and a client relations officer is dedicated to you only from the very start until finish. So the person you speak with today, will be the person you speak with tomorrow.

You would be surprised what we can do, and to what lengths we’ll go to help with your finance. Don’t be scared Just ask, we want to help.

Redilend® can arrange mortgages to be used for any personal or business purposes, secured against residential or commercial property. Deal directly with the lender and get approved in no time, in some cases over the phone indicatively approved within 5 minutes.

No matter if your self-employed or have no tax records, We Will Find A Way.

Bad Credit ratings are no issue as we have various non-conforming bad credit loans and mortgage options suitable for various financial situations. You may even be behind on your current mortgage and feel embarrassed to discuss it with any of the big banks that only have time to count their own money instead of help. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Our staff are humans like you. We have families and needs like you, so there is nothing we wouldn’t understand. They will make you feel comfortable within the first few words and feel like you have known them for years.

Try us, it’s just a phone call. Who knows you may end up discussing something completely different giving us some personal advice.

On a serious note, we can show you how to catch up on your mortgage and consolidate little niggling debts with a bad credit loan along the way using the Equity within your home, in turn paying your mortgage off sooner by using our Mortgage Reduction Strategies.

They say a man who never made mistakes, never made anything. How true is that? They also say the longer one dwells on a problem the heavier it gets. So in reality if you don’t take action soon, your financial future may be at risk.

Our RediRefinance® products have helped many others into financial comfort.  To put it simply, if we can’t better your current situation, put simply, don’t continue. Best of all you’ve lost nothing.

We look forward to speaking to you soon. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions through our contact us link, or call back request option.

Do you need a loan quickly?

Are you asset rich but cash poor?

Do you have equity in property and still the bank won’t give you a line of credit?

Whatever the loan is for – We can help!

Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

To Find Out More Visit: www.1300LoanHelp.com.au or Call Our Short Term Private Lending Department On: 1300 562 643 Or Call Our National Business Manager Direct on: 0406 026 206