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  • Do You Need A Home Loan?, Without The Stress That Other Lenders Can Give?
  • Do you Want Someone Local In Australia, That Understands Your Local Needs?
  • Do You Need A Short Term FAST Caveat Or Bridging Loan?
  • Do You Need A 2nd Mortgage Cash Top Up On Your Current Mortgage?
  • Do You Have Outstanding Debts That Need Urgent Payment?
  • Would You Like To Refinance Into One Affordable Monthly Repayment?
  • Are You Self Employed? Have No Tax Records? Or Have Credit Rating Issues?
  • Are You Behind On Your Repayments Or Credit Cards?
  • Do You Have Business Settlement Deadlines To Meet?
  • Do You Need Finance To Renovate Or Purchase A Property?
  • Do You Want To Borrow Money Against Specialised Property Locations & Zoning As Security?
  • Would You Like To Use Equity Within Your Real Estate As A Line Of Credit?
  • Need A Lender That won’t Ask Thousand Questions As To Why You Need The Finance?
  • Then You Have Come To The Right Place… Read On


Did you know that people with ‘Financial Stress’ are at risk of losing the lot? And that the longer one dwells on a ‘Financial Problem’ the heavier it gets?

Redilend Australia is by far the most user-friendly mortgage lending and financial service in the country. We are a specialist financial services company that caters solutions to suit all walks of life. At a glance, we offer some of the lowest interest rates on the market. Redilend provides financial services such as home loans, mortgage refinancing, property construction & development loans, debt consolidation loans, 2nd mortgage cash top-ups, low doc mortgages, private business loans to name a few. Many of our loans don’t even require proof of income is another reason consumers have used Redilend to set up their mortgages for almost 20 years.

Redilend acts both as mortgage managers & finance brokers and has access to hundreds of different bank & business loans, in-fact anything to do with property or investment mortgages. With respected relationships with all the major lenders in the country enables us the ability to offer easy mortgages, as opposed to you going direct to the bank. We won’t ask you a thousand questions as to why you need the money, loan or refinance, as long as your buying a property or using real-estate as security to apply for finance, 9 times out of 10 we can help. Yes, terms fees and conditions may apply depending on what facility you need, but it means the difference between getting you approved or declined, you can bank on Redilend to make things happen.

We are not exclusive to any one particular lender, allows us to have 98% of every different bank of lenders products under our umbrella, means we have a way larger range of flexible lending products that we can approve for you. We can then compare these options, and cherry picks the best one that suits you. It’s that easy.

Best products, best solutions, best rates, is what you can expect with us.

As our client, you will be allocated your own dedicated relationship manager.

Fast, simple, and user-friendly. We do not use international or overseas call centres and are proud to say we are Australian owned only employing local Aussie finance experts to assist you.

Rest assured that the person you speak with today, will be the person you speak with tomorrow.

Specialist funding can be used mortgage funding is for commercial, even industrial factories, high-density office buildings, funding for property construction & development projects, be it residential or commercial or specialised in security such as rural, lifestyle, hobby farms, even the large farmer in regional areas is something we also offer tailor specific solutions to suit long or short term needs. Even if there is financial difficulty or hardship being experienced, where banks can often struggle to offer finance, we can often still assist in these non-conforming instances.

Financial mortgages and restructuring ASIC Company entity structures, family trusts, liquidations, bankruptcy, administrations, debt agreements can be all managed and handled in-house. These are quite simple transactions that we solve for the everyday Australian day in day out for people just like you.

If you were one of the many people that were under the opinion that people who credit defaults or arrears, cannot easily continue their lives and obtain an everyday mortgage, think again. It is, in fact, possible, and many people are exercising these options for themselves right now. As long as a person has some put away some kind of money they can contribute money into buying the property, or has equity elsewhere in real estate that can be used as security, generally speaking, we can overcome this problem…

Assistance is also available to applicants that need to finalise any family separation or divorce matters that involve money and financial services and where a division of assets or refinance is required to pay out a former spouse as the terms of a settlement. We will tailor make a solution for you regardless of how difficult it seems, at all times with the intervention of a qualified solicitor.

If you have a situation that you would like us to explore, we are only a phone call away. You’re also welcome to send us a private & confidential email, or, you can “Apply Now” by filling out our quick online application form. One of our consultants will call or email you to discuss the best way to rectify your request. You can remain totally anonymous if you only have a few initial questions. More than happy to help.


We help consumers with many different types of mortgages including business loans where there may be certain matters at hand that are not within the banks standard lending parameters such as large cash outs or line of credits needed without too many questions, fast business loans for urgent cash flow i.e. to inject into or expand a business. Paying tax debts is another common problem people need a speedy solution for, the list goes on. When you speak with our staff, they will show you effective alternatives that you may have never heard of in the past. This is where we will help, by opening up new topics & showing you examples, because we want to help you grow.

Patience is one of our core values. We don’t believe a person’s life was built in a day, and we also don’t believe a person problem can be solved in 2 mins, which is what some institutions can often get wrong, by forgetting to listen to your intricate details. We always allow our clients time to fully express & explain their situation, for it is only then we can then create happy outcomes for all.


Consumers are so financially fragile that logically, the only way a person could honestly say they are financially comfortable, is if they genuinely have saved a spare amount of money equivalent to at least 2 – 3 years x times their annual salary, and logically who has that. At the very most, most Australians have at the most around 3 months worth of funds before their bank accounts dry up. This is the very true reality of the economy that we live in today like it or not.

Another stark reality is that many Australians don’t even have ample insurance such as income protection or insurance to cover us in the instance we fell ill for an extended period of time. These are very realistic

possibilities of which we may face once or twice in life. There isn’t always going to be an immediate solution, but there can be financial rehabilitation if restructuring the correct way

Our products and services can assist by offering legitimate and viable emergency last resort options.


Redilend Australia is an affiliated financial services provider. Affiliated with some of the biggest Banks that finance industry within Australia. The board of directors created a funding marketplace for that would offer finance alternatives outside the scopes of the banks which are used in instances of commercial circumstances that require immediate remediation.


was to be large enough to gain the respect of the industry, but small enough to still care for our clients,

We are an all Australian call centre that supports local employment.


We will work with our clients to provide the lowest relevant competitive interest rates, fees & charges applicable in the specific available circumstances guaranteed.


We have many finance lending alternatives for credit impairment to suit many adverse or bad credit scenario.


We will help you consolidate debts, refinance your mortgage, or release funds within you’re existing equity to assist you with a new investment property purchase. We can also assist with commercial business loans, industrial property finance, rural mortgages including producing farms, and the assistance with the total commercial rezoning & funding of a development site.

We will always treat our clients on the same level, no matter if our clients wish to borrow $100,000 or to the big investor to 100 million. We will always offer 2nd to none service to all our clients irrespective how big or small the transaction.


Redilend Australia is here to help.

We take pride in the fact that we put much focus on the most important person in the whole transaction, and that is “you” the customer. We represent you, not the bank, and although we have strict professional contractual arrangments to adhere to with numerous banks and lending institutions, our ultimate objective is to obtain the most practical and economic financial solutions for the client. We will leave no stone unturned to provide the most logical finance arrangement for our clients. The strength of our relationships with over 80 banks and non-bank lenders, allow us to negotiate a far more competitive & favorable outcome for our client.


There are several ways an individual or company can demonstrate their servicing capacity. For instance, where an applicant cannot provide one document or another such as tax returns or pay slips, substitutes can be provided. Whereas normally in the past the borrower may have been penalised, or declined by traditional lenders. Redilend can provide Home loans & Mortgage Refinance options, without the need to prove your income. These products are often referred to as lo doc or no doc loans and can be quite helpful in many instances where you do not fit the criteria. To find out more call us today.


First home buyers often choose to use us to arrange their home loans & mortgage refinancing because of our negotiation power. No different to using consumer using an insurance broker to organise the correct life & health insurance. Due to our larger volution, in most cases, we are able to obtain a lower interest rate for our client far more competitive than a client walking into a branch of their own accord. Instead, consumers have been using our services for many years allowing the borrower to leverage a much better interest rate. in fact, our service takes all the s stress out of borrowing by completing the whole process of a home loan or mortgage approval from start to finish.  Our service is obligation free and available to all Australians. The same way a lawyer helps a client in a courtroom, we do the exact same, with the differing point that we help people achieve their fiscal objectives. That’s what we are here for, to help all our clients obtain sensible outcomes to all their finance lending and borrowing needs.


With numerous different financial products all under one roof, helps our clients find a speedy solution to solve even the most trying mortgage lending obstacle. From banks to building societies, credit unions, non-bank lenders, even private funding, means we can most often implement solutions for tricky financial problems that may be outside the scope of traditional lenders. From business loans, short term finance, 2nd mortgages, bridging finance, & even fast caveat funding. Regardless of the situation, we will always find a way. If we have not covered your needs within our website, don’t worry, we would be happy to give you a call convenient for you. We will always find a way.


The team at www.Redilend.com.au are renowned for their warm, always friendly and professional service levels. We do not treat people like a number. In fact, on many occasions we hear from clients who have been mistreated by other banks and lenders, often having to resolve a negative outcome as a result of the banks wrong advice.

Redilend Australia is fully qualified with many years of knowledge under their belt which is used to the advantage of our valued customers. Our business advisors always pay the common courtesy to completely listen in order to learn, so to best apply a sensible and viable solution for our clients best interests.

Our services are open Australia Wide right across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Northern Territory.

Private & confidential discusions assured.

Redilend Is An Australian owned financial services provider…


Terms, fees, conditions apply. Real estate security is essential with all loans. We advise all consumers to seek financial and legal advice. All information within this website should not be relied upon as financial or legal advice. This website is intended for general information only and should not form part of any formal financial or legal decisions. Nil responsibility is accepted by Redilend or its staff to any person or entity for any financial loss or damage either caused by negligence or else arising by the use contained within. Should you wish to seek more accurate specifics as to what options are right for you, we recommend you contact our call centre & speak directly with one of our consultants as to what’s right for you. We aim to be as professional and user-friendly as possible, however,  laws require us to be very diligent and thorough when providing any service to any client. We would presume that most persons would see this as a responsible declaration from any credit adviser. We hope this has made a difference when considering your options for credit services. Redilend Australia reserves 2014. Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart. Call 1300 85 45 75 nationally to speak with your local office.