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24-Hour Settlements – Instant Cash Top-Ups – Without Needing to Refinance Your Mortgage

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There are many reasons why people choose to obtain a caveat loan or (2nd) second mortgage over conventional bank finance. With the tightening of credit lending guidelines by the banks has virtually made it impossible to access any kind of financial lending services not only from the banks, but also from many mainstream lenders.

Caveat lending facilities are an extremely popular alternative because they offer a convenient funding solution without any difficult prerequisites that many banks may request. All that is required to get approved is a copy of the security property council rates notice, a mortgage statement showing the outstanding balance, and 100 points identification.

Redilend caveat facilities provide immediate access to capital and equity without any cash out restrictions that may be expected with the mainstream lenders.

Caveat loans or second mortgages can be organised over the phone in just 5-minutes and the funding transferred into any Australian banks account of your choice for immediate use within 24-hours.

Caveat lending does not require the borrower to refinance or payout any existing first mortgages or home loans. Any existing mortgage facilities remain in place totally unaffected with the simple lodgement of a caveat as the 2nd priority behind any first mortgage.

Caveat finance can be utilised for just about any worthwhile purpose and can as business capital for either short or long term. What’s more, Caveat loans do not require any documents such as tax returns or financials, and credit ratings are irrelevant.

We won’t ask you a thousand questions as to why you need the funding. So long as real-estate can be provided as security, we will find a way to help you.

Private Lending Advantages

  • Are you asset rich, but cash poor?
  • Ability to access trapped equity within your property?
  • Loan amounts from $25k up to $10mil
  • Interest rates start @ 7.95% p.a. Up to 24% p.a. (subject to security type)
  • Commercial, industrial, rural, residential securities accepted
  • Loan amounts from $25k to $10mil
  • No credit checks
  • No tax returns
  • No financials
  • Ability to consolidate debts
  • The purchase of new property or real-estate
  • Raise business capital
  • Renovation loans
  • Refinancing existing mortgages
  • Payout ATO tax debts
  • Caveat loans, no need to refinance existing loans
  • Second mortgages (useful for many purposes such as if you’re locked into an existing fixed loan)
  • Bridging loans, (Ideal for people who need the finance in-between a different settlement)
  • Overdrafts, (provides instant capital to start up or expand a business)


What You Will Need To Get Approved

  • Real-estate security located in Australia
  • A copy of a council rates notice
  • Current 1-month mortgage statement
  • 100 points identification
  • And that’s your part done

Always Deal With Someone You Can Trust 

We all realise that the world isn’t always a perfect place and can be quite difficult at times. However, as Australians the least we should be able to do is trust the financier or broker to get us through any financial challenges we face with a sensible financial services provider who will only provide you with the most suitable lending solution that equally meets fiscal objectives.

When looking for the right short term loan always check the following 5 considerations.

1: If you’re not happy with the service levels your receiving with the current broker/lender, or your gut instinct is telling you they are not of high professional standards, then it is advisable to get a 2nd opinion from an alternative specialist provider. 

2: If your current broker/lender has offered you a high-interest rate ~ but the loan offered has low upfront settlement fees, it is advisable to get a 2nd opinion from an alternative specialist provider.

3: If your current broker/lender has offered you a low-interest rate ~ but the loan offered has high upfront settlement fees, it is advisable to get a 2nd opinion from an alternative specialist provider.

4: If your current broker/lender has offered you both a high-interest rate, as well as high fees, it is advisable to get a 2nd opinion from an alternative provider.

It should be noted that specialist non-bank lending is always going to come at a slightly higher premium. However, it should still be possible to obtain a loan that offers good all round rate and fees and user-friendly terms and conditions as part of the loan.

5: Double check if the facility allows you to review roll over the loan term of the within the contract. So for example, if you initially obtained the loan for a period of 12 months, always check if they allow you to extend for a further 12 months if in the instance you experienced a delay which needed more time. Many lenders will demand you to exit at the end of this period.


Why Do Banks Make Life So Hard?

The royal commission’s inquest into the banking industry has played a big part in many of the banks recent changes. The commission’s findings forced the banks to make immediate changes to their credit management protocols as it was alleged within the commission that several banks had been identified to have been unethically approving financial services to many innocent Australians who had no real method to service the finance.

Without doubt the investigation was long overdue and the requirement for better policing of their credit will most certainly reduce the cases of financial hardship. This is an improvement has been an improvement in the level of standard of services that should be expected from a bank.

This is no relief to the many forgotten people in all of this that doesn’t often get a mention in the media. There have been many good Australian businesses and consumers that were always creditworthy but now are seen as credit risks, which is an unacceptable commercial assumption by the banks.

The banks don’t like speaking about the damage done onto their forgotten loyal customers because they well know it will do no good for their P.R. 

The saddest part about it all was many of the decisions made were not as a result of their loyal clients, rather the result of their employees who made the decisions to keep pushing loans onto unsuspecting people that couldn’t afford it purely to meet their own KPI targets. 

As a result, many strong servicing customers who have unfairly been impacted by the reduced availability of credit have either gone out of business and fallen into administration, while the others have been forced to severely reduce the size of their operations, which has also had an impact on a lower than normal GDP as well as local services which has subsequently impacted the number of available jobs in Australia.

The good news is that Redilend Australia can assist with a range of specialised asset lending products. These loan products have a very simple approval process and not require any unrealistic documents to be approved.

These basic guide to these products is they are based on an asset lend system and are subject to simple checks such as, is subject to the location of the security being acceptable, along with a pre-determined LVR.

There is no hop skip and a jump with the approval process as compared to dealing with a bank. Redilend Australia prides itself on the care we take with all clients by virtue of the fact that we not only provide financial solutions, but also because we look after our clients in the same manner that we would onto our own friends & family. 

If you would like to discuss if a specialised product could be suitable for you please contact our lending department on 1300 854 575. Alternatively, call or sms national finance manager on 0406 026 206. Private & confidential discussions assured.

“If the bank has let you down on more than one occasion, maybe it’s about time to make a move! Banks can often make life difficult when we need their support for no reason. If you or your business has been a victim of banking discrimination, get in touch today. Don’t wait until its too late. Let us show you how easy it is to obtain smart finance that can immediately provide you with the commercial liquidity you need without a hundred questions. There are sensible compliant methods to tackle any finance lending hurdles that will attention many of your commercial needs. Redilend Australia has built its services on trust, honesty & integrity which is one of the reasons why many Australia’s choose to obtains specialist financial services from us every day. We don’t just lump you into a loan then say goodbye. We stay by your side until your business objectives have been met.”

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Disclaimer: Funding is made available predominantly for business or commercial use only. Please note that we recommend that any person or company seeking funding should seek independent financial and legal advice when making any financial or legal decisions as to what’s right for you.  The above information is for general information only and should not be used as part of any legal or financial decisions. Nil responsibility is accepted for any decisions made by individuals or company entities that results in loss or damage of any sort. All loans are subject to change without notice. Details within this site are as accurate as possible, however may contain errors and that have not yet been updated at the time of publication and the visitors entering the site. Terms fees and conditions apply. All rights reserved 2015. Redilend Australia