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Private Lenders Private Mortgages Fast Caveat Loans 
2nd Mortgages Instant Cash Top Ups & Lines Of Credits
Without All The Bank Hassles  Approved Immediately. 
Visit www.1300LoanHelp.com.au to find out more.

Many people can make financial mistakes in life or business. This can often result in a poor credit situation. Did you know that there are in fact private lenders that specialise in lending to Australians with bad credit? There are also business loans for commercial purposes too that specialise in helping bridge the gap between what the banks will or won’t provide. Don’t stress out too much, because it’s honestly not that hard.

Redilend Australia has been helping people around the country for many years in even worse situations. Our private loans are easy. No red tape or harsh bank lending policies. We don’t ask for all the details like tax returns, payslips, bank statements, or any of that hard stuff that you are possibly experiencing with a financial institution. Our private loans are a Low Document product, targeted at helping you when the banks won’t.

Flexible Advantages

  • Poor credit ratings – OK
  • Interest capitalised – Yes
  • Caveat loans – Yes
  • Bridging Finance – Yes
  • Fast turnaround – Yes
  • Mortgages arears –OK
  • Debt Consolidation – Yes
  • Are you going through a divorce and need to pay someone out? – Yes
  • Want cash to help the kids out? – Yes
  • Commercial development private funding – Yes
  • Need Emergency Funding – Yes
  • Any Amount For Any Purpose – OK
  • Cash out for a business loans – Yes
  • Do you need a line of credit – Yes
  • Do you need a short term loan- Yes
  • Need to buy equipment or stock for business or need to start a business – Yes
  • Want to fix up a house or renovate to prepare for sale – Yes
  • Unlimited defaults/judgements and arrears are acceptable – Yes
  • No mortgage insurance – None
  • No tax returns or financials – None
  • Get the cash to set up a business – Yes
  • 12 months mortgage terms – Yes
  • 6 months mortgage terms – Yes
  • First 1st Mortgages
  • Second 2nd Mortgages
  • Caveat Mortgages
  • Equitable Mortgages
  • Short Term Loans
  • Is your current lender going to foreclose on your property?
  • Are you a developer wanting to buy a development site
  • Are you behind on your home loan and need to catch up?
  • Do you need a short term private mortgage fast to pay your business debts or creditors?
  • Do you have creditors knocking on your door?
  • Do you need financial relief?
  • Do you have an unusual situation that the banks won’t assist you with?

Private Lending Security Requirements

Yes all loans do require the applicant having real estate to be offered as security. Loans cannot be offered as an unsecured or personal loan or to anyone who is not a property owner. All loans are priced in relation to risk assessment. Many people can find themselves in a position where they are asset rich but cash poor and this is a very common predicament.

As long as you can offer us a property as security, or have family or friends that will allow you to offer their property, the rest is easy and we can start making commitments to your financial future. If you are a current property owner or can raise real estate security, then you are probably one of the 99% of all applicants that are approved with little to no fuss. In the instance where you will be using a business partner or family member’s property, please ask them if they are willing to sign on your behalf as your guarantor. We help many that use the security of a family member’s real estate.

Help when you need it

It’s common place to be in a financial pickle from time to time. What the difficult part is to find a bank that will assist you to get over these problems. We feel that life should not be that hard and this is why many individuals use our private loans.

There are so many instances and scenarios where our private loans can help. Feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion. We will be able to pre-approve your loan over the phone in as little as 5 mins. If you initially don’t want to give personal details and just want ask a few basic questions, we offer the ability for you to conveniently either speak to us over the phone, or by clicking the chat live link below. We always have someone available to answer your questions on the spot.

There can be several other reasons people are turned down by the banks and with Redilend Private Lending rejection is a thing of the past. Our private mortgages will fill the void that your bank has left you in.

It does not matter if you have Bankruptcy issues. We don’t mind if have had previous financial problems. Our products are on an asset lend basis. We will lend to you based on the value of your property not based on your past. We don’t ask a thousand questions as to why you need the loan.

Don’t panic if you have been rejected by a bank, Private Mortgages can be the perfect Short Term Alternative. Most people will have a problem in their life at some point and it is in these instances that Redilend can help. There are many ways to fix your finance problems. You just have to have the right people in your corner. Yes there are cases where you may have to pay higher interest rates or fees, but the alternative is to do nothing. Instead put your setbacks behind you and move forward.

Timing is crucial the longer you wait, the heavier the problem gets. If attended to issue immediately, you can safeguard your assets from further loss. What is that worth to you? Will a decision to not do things early potentially cost you your retirement? Only time will tell. All we can do is show you to the water and the rest is up to you. Using these types of loans are generally used as your go between loan, not a long term option, unless otherwise required. We can then work together and put a plan in place over coming months that will repair your credit rating, allowing us to then refinance you back onto a lower interest rate option.

Should you need to discuss any of the above, or if you have an alternative scenario, why not run it by us by using our chat live option below. We will always find a way, when no one else can.

Refinance your house & get the cash you need in a 5 easy steps

To find out more call our short term lending department www.1300loanhelp.com.au on 1300 562 642 alternatively call our business manager directly on 0406 026 206, who will be glad to assist with all of your short term finance questions.

“Private Mortgage alternatives for good people with bad credit”
“If the bank has let you down on more than one occasion, maybe it’s time to make a move! Banks can often make life difficult and in many instances for no reason. If you or your business has been a victim of such banking discrimination, call us now. Don’t wait until it becomes financially overwhelming. Let us show you our simple mortgage & finance alternatives, that you didn’t know was possible, with our private loan facilities. No matter where you are in Australia, we can help when the banks can’t. Our firm is built on trust, honesty & integrity and has made us one of Australia’s most respected private lending providers. We can provide you with the cash solutions you need to expand your property & business interests and when you need it”
National call centre: 1300 85 45 75

Do you need a loan quickly?

Are you asset rich but cash poor?

Do you have equity in property and still the bank won’t give you a line of credit?

Whatever the loan is for – We can help!

Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

To Find Out More Visit: www.1300LoanHelp.com.au or Call Our Short Term Private Lending Department On: 1300 562 643 Or Call Our National Business Manager Direct on: 0406 026 206


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