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Rural & Business Loans

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Trying to get a bank to approve your finance for a rural farm, acreage land or business loan can be extremely difficult. They see rural property lending and business loans as high risk and don’t offer realistic solutions to people on the land or in regional locations that require business lending. At Redilend Australia we have partnered with a dedicated team of professionals that understand rural finance and business lending back to front and make applying for difficult loans such as Business Finance and Rural Loans and mortgages very easy. We will design a loan package that is tailored to your individual financial needs. We specialise in all types of property and can lend on special types such of council zonings such as residential properties, commercial factories and shop front premises, rural hobby farms and acreage right across capital cities and regional Australia. We will create an agribusiness lending solutions by freeing up trapped equity within your land or dwelling improvements. We can also assist if you want to refinance an existing loan, or raise capital for business or stock & trade purposes. We are not too concerned if you have issues such as defaults, mortgage arrears, or a lack of financial evidence e.g. no tax or financial records etc.. We understand that sometimes you simply a a basic line of credit so you can get cash access without all the silly red tape.

Our Private Lending Department is able to offer property finance using loan to value ratios from 50% LVR  up to 90% LVR, and depending on your scenario, such as property type, size, location, valuation etc, can often tweak the terms and conditions to get you the cash funds you need in even the most difficult circumstances. To get in touch about this type of finance visit: www.1300LoanHelp.com.au  or call 1300 562 643. We have a wide range of rural mortgages, farm finance, residential lending, commercial & business funding, constructions and development funding, even business home loans  for applicants who want fuss free loan approvals Australia Wide. This is available via our Non Bank funding service for people who require Private Mortgages and Finance for any type of business purpose. We don’t ask a thousand difficult questions, and we won’t make things hard by asking questions that only a person with an economics degree could understand. All we care about is if you have real-estate, property, and or bricks and mortar equity. If we can achieve this, we have a 98% guarantee that we will approve your loan application.

No matter where you are located, you are still eligible for business or property finance. Feel free to give us a call 1300 562 643 or send us an email via our contact form or lodge an application electronically “Click Here To Apply Online Now”. Applications only takes around 5mins to fill, and approx 24 hrs to approve. Once approval process starts, one of our staff members will call to discuss the terms that can be offered on your real-estate asset lending facility.

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Rural Loans – Our Rural Finance Services

  • Purchase Of New Land/Real-Estate Acreage
  • Refinance Of Existing Rural Properties
  • Equity Access & Lines Of Credits
  • Purchase Or Improve Property
  • Hobby Farm & Lifestyle Home Loan Mortgages
  • Cash For Stock & Trade Purchase
  • All Types Of Commercial Agriculture Mortgages
  • Tailored Agribusiness solutions
  • Lo Doc Loans
  • Caveat Loans
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • Bridging Finance
  • Business Capital
  • Short Term Money
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Tax Debts
  • Home Loans & Mortgages
  • Loans Structured To Suit You
  • Complex Finance Solutions
  • The are many other examples where we help Australians everyday. We will look at any worthwhile farming or commercial proposition if it has relevant equity. (If your situation isn’t listed, please give us a call. 98% of the time we can still help you as long as you have equity within real-estate.)


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Non Bank Business Lending & Property Finance

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Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

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