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The Friendliest Lo Doc Home Loans You Will Find

Our Lo Doc Home Loans are designed with simplicity in mind. It is a quick and comparatively a trouble-free finance product called a lo-document loan a.k.a. Lo-Doc loan. Meaning you need less evidenced items, or alternatively can be substituted with alternatives if you’re missing one thing or another. We Will Find A Way…

You may be a self employed contractor, have a small business or have an important property transaction pending for finance approval, then the last thing you need is more stress. Call us today, we make things simple so you can get on with what you do best, EARN MONEY!

We have Lo-Doc home loans for personal consumers or business loans for legitimate business & commercial purposes. It is paramount that we establish if your loan request forms any part of  “The National Consumer Credit Protection Act” so you are advised accordingly of what is applicable to you.

These types of product are available for New Home Purchases, Property Refinancing & Debt consolidation, when using real-estate as security. Keeping in mind we will look at funding any real-estate transaction with merit.

Others may waste your time for weeks on end only to come back with a declinal letter. That won’t happen with us, because we will tell you over the phone within a brief educated discussion if we can or cannot help. We won’t even trouble you if we feel there is no chance of success. We are here to put you in a better financial position and not compromise your financial future in any way. Based however on our track record we are quietly confident we can help in some way.

Yes there ARE such loans where no tax returns or group certificates being needed. Some loans don’t even need bank statements or profit and loss statements. But to get a full scope of  how our knowledge within mortgage lending sector could reap benefits for you, we would suggest you speak to us directly to obtain more accurate specifics. There are many legitimate alternatives that others don’t tell you about.

Importantly our mortgages are relatively easy to qualify for so long as you fit within our lending parameters. Yes terms, fees and conditions do apply, but you never never know if you don’t ask how we can assist you.

It would be wise to say that if you’ve been given the run around by the banks asking for the fillings out of your teeth then you should have made contact with us long ago.

We welcome your enquiry no matter what part of Australia you are located.

Friendly & Private Discussions Assured.

…The Trusted Name In The Mortgage Industry…

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Do you need a loan quickly?

Are you asset rich but cash poor?

Do you have equity in property and still the bank won’t give you a line of credit?

Whatever the loan is for – We can help!

Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

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