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Redilend Australia provides comprehensive home loan and business mortgage needs, from the local suburbs of each town, to every state of Australia. We can provide you with financial services no matter what part of the country you are in, and best of all we are a 100% Australian company. We can show you how to get No Deposit Home Loans.
All discussions are private & confidential. We don’t necessarily need you to fill in any forms, and can initially take your enquiry over the phone. All your questions can be answered by our call centre staff, from what loan, what rate, and what fees if any apply, to any special questions you need to ask that no other bank or lender has the time to sit and listen to.
Our loans are the most competitive on the market. We have many different products available, and we are not tied to any one lender or bank policy. We will provide you with what’s right for you and best suits your financial position.
Whatever your circumstances are we can help…..
• Are you purchasing your first home?
• Would you like to purchase another property?
• Do you need to funds for business or investment?
• Do you need funds to renovate?
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Helping everyone from First Home Owners through to professional business property investors, Redilend offers many different financial packages.
Once upon a time, yes, there were such things as 100% home loans, but in recent times these have been pulled off the market making way for loans that need 5% or 10% deposits. We realise this is still unreachable for some and something needed to be done.
So Redilend sat down and thought. What can we do to at-least make things a little easier? If we can’t have 100% home loans, then let’s try help with the next best thing. How about taking away the silly requirements of the need of savings history in a bank account. Yes that’s right, no savings history.
Sure many other banks offer 5% deposit home loans. But most do still request a savings history of 6 months or so and ask for ridiculous red tape documents. That’s where we said we would make life easier. We don’t need savings history and will even accept lump sum deposits. You may want get mum and dad to assist with the 5%, or maybe friends, or loved ones can help. It wouldn’t even matter if you sold assets like shares, money sitting in a term deposit or maybe you even were approved for a personal loan of the 5% from another bank. We will accept that as your deposit without the need to save it over time. So long as your credit report with agencies such as Veda Advantage is ok, and you have employment of some sort, then it is achievable. Why wait longer, by that time, that same house you where looking is worth double. Remember these options are not just available to first home buyers or younger people. They also apply to any everyday Australian that wants to purchase a property. We encourage you to send us an email or call us if you have a differing scenario, we will tailor a mortgage pack to suit you.

The world moves forward, properties go up in price, and so does rent. Don’t be a statistic and rent forever. This is not a stable way to live nor is it a planning step forward into your retirement.

Ideal for First home buyer

If you have the support from family, obviously you can’t be grateful enough. So at least do it properly. Be it parents, uncle, aunty, brother, sister, or just a best friend you consider to be family, they can make all the difference between you buying or staying a life renter. I’m sure they would want you to succeed if there was a safe way they could help. They would also potentially save you thousands by not needing to pay mortgage insurance.
At Redilend Australia, with the support of a guarantor, you could borrow potentially the full purchase price, using their house or real-estate as security, and yes save you thousands in mortgage insurance costs. We would need to ensure the mortgage did not exceed 80% loan to value ratio, and this is generally possibly if there is considerable equity within their home. (Parent or guarantors home).

Furthermore, a guarantor, as it’s known – be it a parent, sibling or other of the applicant – would simply provide a limited guarantee, supported by a registered mortgage over their own property, being offered as security, so that you can to borrow up to the full property value.

HOW to get a 100% MORTGAGE and avoid Mortgage Insurance

If you wanted to purchase a house for $100,000 and needed $20.000 as a deposit, Redilend could access that $20,000 from your parent’s/siblings/friends property by having them guarantee you for the required $20.000  This security would be in place until such time you were able to pay the $20,000, or in the bigger picture the house went up in value due to some nice renovations or improvements you made. This would then increase your equity value and remove the need for a guarantor any longer.  On average a guarantor can be expected to stay the guarantor for about 18 months,in some cases earlier, but this is just an approximation. Always seek legal and financial advice.

Another option is that we can simply raise that $20,000 needed from the guarantor’s property, hence limiting the security to 20k. The guarantor is only liable for the security value, not the value the debt on the property and would not be liable for any monthly repayments except ensuring that the applicants they are helping pays the small repayment on the facility they accessed for you “$20,000”, so to some degree there is a repayment due from them, based on 20k at today’s rates could be as little as $100 per week But don’t take these figures as facts, they are just examples, and general advice. We always ask that you make contact with one of our qualified staff members to better explain the different alternatives, there after you could sit down with your family member and a lawyer to get the critical facts.

Another question people occasionally have, is “do I need to use 20%” and the answer is not always, as it depends on the strength of the applicant. If they have a job, and a good name, they could use as little as 5%. So your parents would only be technically liable for 5% of the purchase price. But you would then attract mortgage insurance. See our Guarantor Mortgages page and find a solution to a No Deposit Home Loan. To find out more, call 1300 85 45 75. We would be more than happy to explain how it works.


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Guaranteed Approval – Applicant must have equity in real estate in Australia that can be offered as security.

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