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Common Sense Lending, Without The The Red Tape

Felixible loans with purpose

Bad Credit Loans

A bad credit history can be a major barrier to accessing finance through many traditional lenders. At Redilend, our lending criteria is flexible and forgiving, so we can work with you to tailor loan terms that suit your lending needs.

With a wide range of finance to suit almost any purpose, we can offer bad credit loans for business funding, second mortgages, vehicle and equipment purchases, construction, property development, and much more.

Regardless of what happened in the past, we’re here to help you finance your future. We remove the red tape from lending, so you get a fair go.

Low Doc Loans

No financial documents? No worries! We have much more effective ways of determining your loan serviceability, and they don’t require sifting through mountains of historic financial documents. This is just one of the many reasons borrowers like you are choosing caveat loans and 2nd mortgages over traditional loans.

For self-employed business owners or anyone who doesn’t have the time to round up the paperwork most banks ask for, low doc loans may be a viable option.


With our quick and simple low doc loan application process, your finance can be on its way to your bank account as quickly as you can return the signed loan documents.  

Rural Loans

Farm, rural or agribusiness loans, at Redilend, we’re experts in rural lending. 


If you are trying to buy a rural property, hobby farm or large parcel of rural land & acreage, we can help — and our rural mortgage lending process is quick and easy! 


Our commercial finance specialists can assist you with rural and commercial property funding, rural business finance, such as capital or lines of credit, as well as assist with plant & machinery hire sales and finance. 


Finding the right rural finance solution doesn’t need to be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. We understand your needs when it comes to rural loans, and set you up with the right finance. 

Private Lenders

As a specialised commercial finance and equipment hire consortium with more than 20 years of experience, we help you access optimally structured finance solutions at the lowest interest rates.

Because Redilend is a private lender, we have the freedom to provide you with finance tailored wholly to your situation and needs. We can offer short loan terms from as little as 3 to 12 months, or longer-term loan periods depending on your needs.

Our flexible lending criteria means we have a high approval rate, and a faster turnaround time. Don’t wait around for a decision from the banks. We can approve your finance in as little as 5 minutes. 



Don’t stay locked into the wrong loan. Improve your loan term, features or interest rate by refinancing. Just because the loan was right for you back then, doesn’t mean it’s still the right loan today. 


If your loan doesn’t effectively suit your needs, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees, interest expense and lost time. Refinancing gives you the opportunity to change the term, amount and interest rate of your loan, so you can save time and money. 


Get a better loan, better equipment, better features, better term, at a lower interest rate. We can refinance just about any type of loan. 

Non-Conforming Home Loans

At Redilend, we specialise in finding mortgage solutions for all types of financial scenarios. When your personal circumstances or financial position do not conform with a major bank’s home loan criteria, Redilend can still find a sensible solution.

We find financial solutions for people who may be:

  • self-employed,

  • have no financials,

  • have no tax returns,

  • credit impaired or have a low credit score,

  • wanting to purchase or refinance a property,

  • previously rejected by the banks.


There are many non-conforming home loan solutions available and Redilend can help.

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Our Services

Redilend caters for all types of scenarios where specialised Mortgage, Home Loan and Finance solutions may be required — regardless of the borrowers financial status.


If you are self employed or have a bad credit history, we can help. The types of finance Redilend provide include:

  • No Tax Return Home Loans

  • Bad Credit Finance

  • Self-Employed Business Loans

  • Rural Land Mortgages

  • Second Mortgages

  • Commercial Lines Of Credit

  • Private Non-Bank Mortgages

  • Equipment Loans & Equipment Hire

  • Debt Refinancing

  • Business Advisory

  • Rural Lending

About Us

Redilend Australia is one of the most flexible finance providers in the country. We are specialist mortgage managers, finance brokers, and plant and equipment financiers, providing rental, hire, and project management services at the most affordable prices. 


We are a specialised commercial finance & equipment hire consortium, with more than 20 years of finance industry experience within property construction, project management consulting, and high-end plant & equipment logistics.


With access to hundreds of different lenders and banks, Redilend Australia provides a variety of financial services and loans that dont require tax returns and all the usual financial documents.

Faster than banks, cheaper than other lenders.

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Happy Family

Charities We Proudly Support

Please give generously when you can, it makes a world of difference.

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Contemporary Australian Home

Home Loans & Refinancing

Redilend Australia provides specialist property mortgage lending and financial services for the professional property portfolio investor, and the traditional homeowner seeking easy and hassle-free finance. Our sophisticated software makes the approval process fast, simple, and stress-free.


You are able to access the most competitive interest rates through our software tendering process, which puts your requirements through a hunting process with over 50 lenders competing for your business, providing the best loan facility outcome.

Short Term Business Loans

Redilend Australia is a specialist provider of short-term unsecured business loans, overdrafts, lines of credit, supply chain finance, and debtor invoice factoring, for the small to medium business that needs urgent capital and fuss-free finance. With loan amounts starting from $100k all the way up to $5million, specialist business loans are approved swiftly and simply. Regardless of your industry, we provide finance solutions for just about any business purpose Australia wide.

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How We Can We Help You

  • Home loans without the stress that comes with other lenders.

  • Rural mortgage & farm finance. 

  • A lender that won't ask endless questions as to why you need the finance.

  • Short-term bridging or caveat loan.

  • Second mortgage or cash top-up on your current mortgage.

  • Pay outstanding business or personal debts.

  • Refinance debt into one affordable monthly repayment.

  • Self-Employed finance, no tax records, or have a bad credit rating.

  • Advice on your repayments and credit cards.

  • Meet business settlement deadlines.

  • Finance to renovate or purchase a property.

  • Borrow money against properties in rural or residential, or commercial. industrial or in regional locations as security.

  • Use the equity within your real estate as a line of credit.

If you need any of the following, we can help you.

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