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Private Lenders

The simple way to access fast finance

Business Consultation

Approval Within 5 Minutes

In a lending environment full of restrictions, Private Loans are the quick and easy finance solution you’ve been looking for. 


With 5-minute approval and funding within 24 hours, it’s no wonder Australians are choosing Private Lending. Caveat Loans and Second Mortgages can be organised over the phone in minutes with just:

  • a copy of the security property council rates notice, 

  • a mortgage statement, 

  • and 100 points of identification. 


There are no credit checks, financial documents, or drawn out assessment processes required — we’re here to help, and we’re here to help fast!

Private Lending Advantages

  No credit checks.
  No doc loans.
  Fund projects other lenders won't.
  Prompt access to equity in property.

  Loan amounts from $25k up to $10mil.
  Receive cash within 24 hours.
  Bad credit loans.
  Access equity without having to refinance.

Raise Business Capital

Many business owners can attest to the struggles of raising business capital. Whether you’re just starting out, have existing business debts, or have been in business for years, traditional lenders will have you jumping through hoops to prove you are worthy of a loan. 


Raising business capital through Redilend is quick and simple for any business owner with property to use as security. Our Private Loans do not require any documents such as tax returns or financials, and we’re not interested in your credit history at all. Even better, our facilities provide immediate access to capital and equity without any cash out restrictions.


We back Australian businesses and give them the support they need to startup or grow, with instant access to capital and an overdraft facility. 

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Purchase Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to purchase your family home, an investment property, need cash to renovate, or want to flip a property fast, Private Lending might be the right move for you. 


With such a competitive property market, there’s no time to waste. If your circumstances don’t fit neatly into the box for traditional finance, or you simply just need money fast, you could have approval for a Private Loan within minutes. 


Don’t miss out on an amazing real estate opportunity because the banks can’t help fast enough. We’re waiting ready to take action today. 

Pay Down Existing Debt

If you’ve been overcome by debt or have taxation obligations that need to be paid but don’t have the cash flow available, you need to act fast. 


You may find it very difficult to get help with cash flow once you’ve racked up significant ATO tax debt — but we can help! 


Our Private Loans cater to business owners who are struggling with cash flow to continue operating, and need help getting their debt under control. 


Consolidate your debt and improve your cash flow position with Private Lending. 

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We won’t ask you a thousand questions as to why you need the funding. So long as real estate can be provided as security, we will find a way to help you.

Private loans we can help with:

Private Mortgages

Instead of coming from a bank or traditional lender, a Private Home Loan is funded by a specialist finance provider, with funds from a pool of private investors. Operating outside of the heavily restricted traditional lending space, Private Mortgages are regulated by ASIC, making them a safe and convenient alternative to traditional mortgages. 

Caveat Loans

For fast access to your equity, a Caveat Loan can help. Without having to refinance an existing mortgage, funds are released once a caveat is registered on the property’s title deed. Lodging the caveat does not require permission from any lender holding a mortgage over the property, which is why Caveat Loans are settled extremely fast. 

Second Mortgages

Using a Second Mortgage, you can quickly access equity in your property without having to refinance your existing mortgage. The Second Mortgage is placed on the title deed behind the first mortgage, allowing access to equity for purposes such as renovations or business use. 

Bridging Finance

There is often a cash flow gap that arrises between the period of selling your existing property and purchasing a new one. A Bridging Loan can be taken out as a short term loan in addition to your existing property loan. Once you sell your existing property, the amounts owing are consolidated into one loan for the new property.

Access Private Finance today

Discover what Private Lending can do for you. 

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