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Commercial Mortgages

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For self-employed borrowers and professional investors

At Redilend, we have specialised in commercial real estate transactions for more than 20 years. We take the hassle out of commercial lending and arrange finance for a variety of commercial property types.

Properties we can finance include:

  • Retail shops,

  • Offices,

  • Industrial factories,

  • Land subdivisions,

  • Rural Properties,

  • Luxury apartments & houses,

  • Commercial premises,

  • Hotels,

  • Motels,

  • Clubs,

  • Reception centres,

  • Gyms,

  • Nursing homes,

  • Child care centres,

  • Churches,

  • Service stations,

  • Other commercial properties.

Making Commercial Loans More Accessible

Many lenders make it difficult to get Commercial Finance. At Redilend, we’re here to support Australian business owners and investors with easily-accessible finance options for everyone. We understand that it’s not always easy for individuals or companies to verify their income, so we make it easy. Our finance solutions can be approved with flexible lending criteria — so everyone gets a fair chance. 


  • No credit check loans

  • No doc loans

  • Low doc loans

  • 90% Loan-to-value ratio

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Access Equity From Your Commercial Property 

If you’ve ran into a cash flow problem and need to access money fast, we can help you unlock equity from your commercial property in as fast as 24 hours.


If you’ve been rejected by the banks, we may be able to help. Our equity release loans are designed to be quick and simple so you can access your cash to take care of business — whatever the purpose may be. 

Commercial Mortgage Key Features

  • 30-year mortgage terms with no reviews (previously unheard of in the commercial mortgage market).

  • No need for tax returns on commercial properties.

  • Mortgages from $100K to $100M available.

  • Short term bridging finance.

  • Renovation loans.

  • Construction and development finance.

  • Fast Second Mortgage cash top-ups for any reason — no questions asked.

  • Debt consolidation.

  • Easy business loans with real estate as security.

  • Construction Loans. 

  • Bad credit loans. 

  • Redraw facility, line of credit and the ability to unlock equity in your real estate portfolio.

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Access your fast Commercial Mortgage

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