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Low Doc Home Loans

Finance without the documentation fuss

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No Financials? No Stress!

Applying for a loan when you don’t have the necessary documentation can be stressful — especially if you have applied with the wrong lender! 


At Redilend, we specialise in Low Doc Home Loans. So if you’re self-employed or simply don’t have the required documents for a traditional mortgage, you’ve come to the right place. 


Depending on the type of documents you have, we can offer loans that don’t require tax returns, group certificates, bank statements or profit and loss statements. Whatever your situation, we can find legitimate alternatives that other lenders won’t tell you about (or even know about!).

Perfect for Business Owners

Being in business means your earning potential is unlimited, but it also means there is no guarantee of income. While banks focus on the unguarnateed nature of your income, we focus on your potential. 


Business owners don’t have the luxury of a regular income, but that doesn’t mean they should be penalised when applying for a home loan! Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we’re proud to support them with the finance they need. 


We have other ways of assessing whether you are capable of servicing a loan, so we don’t get hung up on the paperwork.

Working Together
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Levelling the Playing Field

Traditionally, Low Doc Loans were excessively expensive. Lenders saw these borrowers as particularly risky, and so the interest rates were increased to compensate for the level of risk. 


At Redilend, we are committed to levelling the playing field and finding affordable finance solutions for people without the traditional financial documents. We find the right home loan products with competitive interest rates that won’t break the bank, and the flexibility that business owners need. 

Fast Finance

We know that time is money, so we keep the process as quick as possible. 


With our No Nonsense policy, we will never waste weeks of your time only to issue a letter of decline — like many lenders do. We are prepared to have an honest conversation with you at the outset, and can guage within the first conversation if we are able to help you or not. 


We are here to help you reach a better financial position. If we can’t help you, we’ll let you know — however, based on our track record, we are quietly confident we can help in some way!

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High Approval Rates

Our fair-go process means that we can approve loans that other lenders wouldn’t.

Flexible Loan Features

Our loan products come with all the bells and whistles you need.

Simple Qualification Process

Our assessment criteria is flexible so we assess each application on its merits. 

Suitable for a Range of Applicants

Whether you’re a contractor, seasonal worker, self-employed or a business owner, we can help. 

Take the first step

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