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Rural Loans

Finance solutions for agribusiness and rural property

Rusty Windmill

Rural Lending Specialists

Our Rural Loans are designed for farmers or those purchasing real estate in a rural area. While many lenders view Rural Lending as high risk, we understand the true potential of your agribusiness operations and are proud to support Aussie farmers through growth and during times of need.


With farmers at the mercy of Mother Nature, finding a lender who understands the need for cash flow finance through times of drought, flooding, fires, and seasonal income is of the utmost importance. There are many instances when cash flow might be tight for farmers, and we’re here to help you through them all with fast finance. 

Our Rural Finance Services

  Purchase of Rural Property
  Refinance Existing Rural Properties
  All Types of Commercial Agriculture Mortgages
  Tailored Agribusiness solutions
  Low Doc Loans

  Caveat Loans
  Second Mortgages

  Bridging Finance
  Business Capital
  Debt Consolidation

Grow Your Crop, Property or Business

Whether you’re looking for funds to improve your property, grow your crop or raise business capital, our Rural Loans can help. 


At Redilend, we are part of an affiliated funding consortium with access to specialist non-bank rural mortgages, business loans, and other tailored refinancing lending services. 


If you’ve accumulated equity in real estate property, we can extend finance to you.  

Aussie Farmer
Aerial View of Farmhouse

Access Equity From Rural Property

Just because you’re experiencing challenging circumstances doesn’t mean you don’t operate a profitable business. Often, all a farmer needs is a lender who understands that the only thing standing in the way of a good year of trade, is being able to access short term business capital when required — we’re that lender. 


We can assist by providing you with a simple line of credit and equity access facility. This can free up equity within your property, allowing the instant access to cash which can be used to fund any business opportunity.

Fast and Simple

Our Rural Loans do not require you to refinance or payout your existing mortgage.

Your commercial mortgage remains in place, and a simple lodgement of a caveat is placed behind your existing lenders mortgagee. 


Your current lender is not disrupted or required to be part of the process, making the draw-down process possible in as little as 24 hours. Loans can be drawn down for either for short or long term periods and can be used for just about any productive or worthwhile purpose. 


We do not require any financial’s, tax records or credit checks, so you can access a loan without having to answer a thousand questions correctly first.

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Finance for Trade & Stock Purchase

With low margins and market volatility, farmers often find themselves struggling to find the cash to purchase stock. Our Rural Loans are designed so you can access cash flow when you need it. 

Farm Equipment Loans

Keep your working capital intact by financing your next farm equipment purchase with a Rural Loan. Equipment, vehicles and farm machinery can be purchased by unlocking built-up equity in an existing property.

Purchase or Improve Rural Property

At Redilend, we can finance any type of specialised rural property, including residential properties, industrial zonings, commercial shop fronts, rural hobby farms, income producing land, and any other types of special properties.

Equity Access & Line of Credit

Our line of credit and equity access facility enables you to draw down funds as you need them. By unlocking the equity in your real estate, you can have a reliable source of cash to fall back on.

Access your Rural Loan

As long as real estate is available to be used as security, we will always find a way.

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